If you already receive these… then you know what it’s about. If you do not receive them… its hard to explain. If you would like to find out what it’s about just send me an address and I will put you on the temporary list.

If you wanna sign up all legal like just use the paypal button or send a check for $25 to:

1000 Brookhaven Dr.
Valdosta, Ga. 31601

My mom thinks it’s great.


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I would love to hear from anyone that has been receiving these cards or found one stuck to the bottom of a table in some resturant near that train wreck in Amarillo, Tx.

Here's the postcard blog....say something!

"My fridge always has an uberphoto on it and when a new card trumps the old one, it's filed away so I can sell them later when Jamie becomes more famous"        
Virginia - Searcy, AR.  

I work at El Carmen and we regularly receive the lovely photo cards via mail. The photography and messages are magical to me! I absolutely adore them and was wondering if you could put me on your mailing list to brighten up my day.

Teresa - Los Angeles, Ca.    
Thanks Jamie. We always enjoy your pics. They are truly unlike any
others we've had in the past. They capture the energy in a major way.
Brad B. - The Dempseys - Memphis, TN.    
You are going to cost me a small fortune in frigorATE' r magnets........EXTRA
Freddy - Memphis, TN.
Hey! Thanks for the super sweet shots. Wowza!
Gore Gore Girls - Detroit, MI.
The only fun mail I get these days is from you. Thanks for adding spice to my relationship with my mailbox !
  Sally Q. - Valdosta, Ga.