1970---I was born.

1971---My brother was born.

1972---I put the lid to a bottle of poison in my mouth.....and lived.

1973---Found abandonded Weeble-Wobble toys in a ditch and kept them.

1974---Foot got caught in rear spokes of a ten speed! - Screamed! Karma getting me for the Weeble-Wobles.

1975---Lost my dracula teeth - thought I found them - turned out to be an old buscuit.

1976---Moved near Memphis, Tn. - Learned to ride a bike - Mother backed over bike - got new bike.

1977---Elvis Presley waved to me from his black Cadilliac while entering Graceland - He died 90 days later.

1978---Shot a Red Wing Black Bird with a Red Rider BB gun - Felt bad - A boy named scooter broke the news about Santa and the Tooth Fairy...Karma again.

1979---Had to start wearing glasses - Got my first Camera - Saw the movie Scanners (exploding head).

1980---Took a short cut by using Rail-Road Tracks and accidentally walked out of town.

1981---Learned to drive in a 1976 MG - Was allowed to use the car at my discression.

1982---Got my left arm stuck under the rear wheel of a go-cart at 30MPH.

1983---Got my right foot caught under the rear tire of a three wheeler at 45MPH....not sure why Karma did this?

1984---Was dropped off at the Van Halen concert in Memphis, Tn.- I'm sorry... I was 14

1985---Can't remember anything interesting about this year.

1986---Had a 1970 VW Bug - Horn had a short - Police accused me of warning the Pot Heads.

1987---Learned how to process film - started sending postcards secret-like through the mail.

1988---Pondered my youth and the time my mother pretended to abandond my brother and I...She drove off...the backed up.

1989---Sold everything bought a VW van and drove to Nova Scotia...it was very cold.

1990---Met the girl I would later marry...we argue about details of the first date.

1991---Made a shit load of money and spent every penny.

1992---Mostly a blur....I remember something about 30,000 square dancers.

1993---Still blurry...I remember slamming a door and breaking the glass in our rental house.

1994---Can't remember anything specific

1995---Married the girl I met in 1990...went to the Bahama's.

1996---Divorced...just kidding.

1997---Moved to NC. left six months later.

1998---Moved to Amarillo, Tx. Hated it...but it grew on me. Still glad I left.

1999---Had a son in May of this year...promptly drove him through 17 states.

2000---Laughed at Y2K.

2001---Enjoyed the Biscuit and Jelly song my son made up. Click Here

2002---Enjoyed Friday Morning Breakfasts with Five artists all over seventy. Here

2003---Spent one month on a River Boat from Memphis, Tn. to Cincinatti and back.

2004---Broke down on a 1962 BMW Motorcycle in Owens Sound Ontario...Saved by an old wood worker named Wolfgang.

2005---Wished I could go back in time...then decided I had to much to lose.

2006---My father and I rode Motorcycles 3000 Miles in seven days--Did some bowling in Escanaba, Mi.


2008---Ran into Daniel Craig (new James Bond) up in Arcata, Ca. Asked him what time it was (10:45am)Had some Sushi. Welcomed Hopper Atticus Harmon to the World.

2009...Coming soon.